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24 Of The Most Popular Products Created By Plastic Injection Molding on Pinterest


With 100 Million+ active users and over 176 Million registered users, Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social network following Facebook and Twitter.  So what are people sharing and pinning, and why would a plastic injection molding company like PM Plastics care?

With 97 percent of users being female Pinterest is overflowing with tasty recipes, pretty photos and cute craft ideas. So why would an industry, predominately full of male engineers, care? Many pictures feature really cool products that people love and use every day. The majority of these cool products were made from plastic injection molding and massive 1,000-3,000 ton steel machines that output hundreds of millions of products, each item in less than 20 seconds.

Take your Apple IPhone for instance; do you have a plastic cover for protection? Your IPhone cover was designed by top Engineers at companies like Apple and Motorola and when they were ready to produce that cover they sought out and hired a plastic injection molding company to make the steel mold (called a tool) that would produce hundreds of millions of your exact IPhone protector.

Mass production of items such as your IPhone is only made possibly through Plastic Injection Molding.  Engineers spend an incredible amount of time to make sure the design is precise so when the Plastic injection tool is built there is no doubt that every single item produced from the first to the millionth are exactly alike.

So why would a 70 year old Plastics Injection molding company care about the popularity of a picture on Pinterest? The stats and re-pins of a picture on Pinterest mean that the featured product is loved by many thousands of people.  We care that our customer’s products are loved by the masses and that they are a huge success.

We care about all the time and effort from the very beginning of the design process to the factory floor where hard working men and women assemble our customers products.  We value the partnerships we share with our customers and every part of the process is never taken for granted.   Simply stated, “Our Customer’s Success Is Our Success”.

Flip through the slideshow (below) to see more everyday items created by plastic injection molding and how popular they are on Pinerest (courtesy of Repinly).  The most repined product with 36,000+ pins is a picture of a Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Oxford Low Top Sneaker. 

Functional injection molded components made sure this shoe became a success.  Engineers from both the shoe company and the Plastic Injection Molding Company invested a lot of time and energy into developing highly innovative details.

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Curious how is a shoe soul mass produced? Check out these Youtube videos of Injection Molding Machines in action!