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6 Easy Steps That Guarantee To Reduce Your Product Marketing Time


You have an incredible new plastic product, now you need an incredible competitive edge!  

Product marketing for new products, especially plastic products, is extremely compressed, you need speed and agility to reduce your marketing time. It’s important to start early and stream-lining your development process.  Below are 6 Easy Steps that guarantee to reduce your plastic product marketing time:

  1. Contract a local and well established Plastic Injection Molding Company. Keeping your plastic product manufactured locally helps the environment and is all around great for your community. Additionally picking a well-established company that has multiple processes, partnerships and flexibility will satisfy a wider range of products and requirements. A qualified plastics injection molding partner will put your best interests first and identify the ideal method for your new product.
  1. Work with a company that has experience with product design. A well-established plastic injection molding company is equipped to provide expertise and input on what design features are possible from a manufacturing standpoint. This will allow you to design with manufacturability in mind and save hours of effort by eliminating the number of design iterations required through the entire product creation process.
  1. Commit to a company that has in house engineers to create your custom tooling and mold. It’s an art and a science and it is critical to partner with experienced tool engineers to create an optimal mold design. Consideration on all design aspects of a mold and identifying actions to create part features, holes, recessed features, windows and inclusion of inserts will eliminate additional steps in the manufacturing process.
  1. Partner with a company that has your full interest in mind from start to finish. Most plastic parts will require some form of finishing such as pad printing, ultrasonic insertion, hot stamping, painting or EMI/RFI shielding. Selecting a Plastic Injection Molding Processor that include these operations under one roof will take weeks out of your lead time to produce your finished plastic product.

  1. Hire a company that has full sourcing capabilities to simply the process and offer savings. A well-established Plastics Injection Molding Company can provide invaluable resources such as sourcing components and provide assemblies to simplify the (OEM) Original equipment Manufacturers process which offer huge cost savings. By providing supply line development and management they can economically source materials from qualified suppliers and reduce supply chain risk. If they have assembly capabilities like PM Plastics Co. under one roof it provides huge cost savings by eliminating additional shipping and assembly cost.

  1. Engage with a company that can offer total quality management. Well established companies can provide optimum efficiency, produce quality parts, follow standard testing methodologies (FMEA) and utilize the right testing equipment for part qualification.

Whether you are taking your plastic product from concept to completion or transferring an existing mold project, working with the right company can greatly improve your profitability and guarantee to reduce your plastic product marketing time!


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