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Here are some helpful resources that can provide important tools and information for injection molding: 


Forums and Discussion Groups’s largest online plastics forum with over 72,500 registered members. Offered by
Injection Molding EngineeringGoogle discussion group for injection moulding engineering
IMM ForumForum offered by Injection Molding Magazine


On-Line Magazines and resources for the Injection Molding Industry

www.fimmtech.comSoftware for Injection Molding Process Validation and Optimization
www.plastics.comOnline plastics community for the plastics and injection molding industry
www.immnet.comInjection Molding Magazine
www.canplastics.comCanadian Plastics Magazine
www.plasticsnews.comPlasticsNews Magazine
www.PlasticsInCanada.comPlastics in Canada Magazine
www.ptonline.comPlastics Technology Magazine
www.plasticsnet.comPlasticsNet Plastics News


Industry Related Associations

www.4spe.orgSociety of Plastics Engineers
www.plasticsindustry.orgSPI – The Society of the Plastics Industry




www.ides.comIDES – Materials Datasheets Plastics
www.geplastics.comGE Plastics