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In-House Engineering

There can be several design challenges, however most are solved by analyzing the parts real function and modifying it to achieve those requirements while making it mold friendly.  Common problems are:

  • Gating
  • Venting
  • Cooling

The demand requirements of plastic parts have increased over the years, and so has the selection of materials used, however we will always find a material to meet the customer’s needs.  

Quality is double checked throughout the design process.  Each design is put through:

  • An initial review process
  • Double checked by our CAD team
  • Triple checked by each department handling the cavity

With all of our services and capabilities under one roof, changes can happen fast, and our customer receives their parts with minimal downtime.

Before manufacturing your part you need to have a solid design in place. Injection Molding Engineers are crucial to the product creation process. They assess the part design and make modifications and recommendations based on key product requirements including product usage and function.  Once this is completed, a plastic injection mold can be built to meet the product specifications. 

Injection molding generally uses molds made in two parts. The first part is the cavity, which gives a concave part its external shape. The second part is the core, which gives a part its internal shape. The cost of the mold depends on the geometry of the part being made; as the part become complex, the mold increase in complexity and hence more expensive.

PM Plastics Injection Molding Engineers determine:

  • How the part will be used.
  • Determine if it is a standalone product or a component of a larger assembly.
  • Determine the dimensional and tensile requirements.
  • Determine if the part can withstand certain elements, pressure and chemicals.

A plastic injection mold can then be built with these criteria in mind. Mold cavities, vents and gate placement will vary based not only on the part design but the type of resin as well. Taking all of these manufacturing factors into account is a challenging task and one that requires a strong knowledge base, not only of mold design but the injection molding process as well.

The Injection Molding Engineers process after receiving new part or concept is to:

  • Make sure that the part is mold-able.
  • Make recommend changes to the customer to make the part and tool as simple and robust as we can.
    • The simpler the tool, the less you  will have to pay for it.
    • The stronger the tool is made, the less down time PM Plastics will have and the more dependable delivery you will have.