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The Power of Inexpensive Injection Molded Plastic Advertising Novelties


You’ve received them at expo shows, local festivals and even your kid’s school, they are a great and inexpensive way to advertise a company, organization or special event. PM Plastics creates customized injection molded plastic parts for a variety of different industries, one of which is the consumer products industry which deals with advertising novelties.  

The power of inexpensive injection molded plastic makes way for advertising novelties and typically have your company logo and information on them, and they are about as colorful as the plastic novelties themselves.

You can use toys such as plastic yo-yos or Frisbee discs, useful novelties like key rings or plastic combs, or silly knick knacks to advertise to a whole host of different people in an easy and creative way.

No matter what you are planning to advertise, advertising novelties are an innovative way to get the word out inexpensively to potential customers. Check out our Slide Show for Inspiration!