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Which Shoe Are You? With 50 Million Pairs of Plastic Shoes SOLD over the past 25 Years These Can’t Be Wrong!


 Melissa is a socially and environmentally responsible company in Brazil that employs sustainable practices, treats their employees well, paying them above average wages complete with benefits, hob nobs with top actresses and artists like Blake Lively, Meryl Streep and Banksy to name only a few to churn out over 50 million pairs in the past 25 years of environmentally responsible shoes made with a special patented recyclable plastic compound called MEFLEX.

A shoe begins as a large orb of plastic and takes only a minute to produce.

Collaborations with some of today’s hippest designers yield everything from “couture” plastic shoes adorned with crystals by J. Maskrey to super sexy high heels by the Campana Brothers and Alexandre Herchovitch you’d find hard to believe are plastic.

Which Shoe Screams YOU?

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