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Custom Tool Design and Building

PM Plastics Bringing Life To Plastics For over 70 years! Contact us for a Quote Today! Experts in Plastic injection Molding, Original Equipment Manufacturing and Retail POP.

From concept to final part, PM Plastics has 70 years of experience and know-how to develop the right mold for your part. Designing the mold and its various components for plastic parts and products is a highly technical and often complex process. When the right tooling decisions are made, production is optimized, costs are reduced, and quality and customer satisfaction are improved.

An important tooling design consideration is selecting the proper grade of steel. The correct steel hardness must be determined to maintain the proper balance between wear and toughness so tooling components don’t wear out prematurely.

PM Plastics is your full-service tool shop, prepared to repair your injection molds!  We provide FREE Tool Troubleshooting, 500,000 Shot Guarantee and a 100% Life-Time Maintenance Guarantee! When hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line at your production facility, if and when you need repairs we pull out all the stops to perform emergency repair!  PM Plastics has our own domestic Tooling House located in Wisconsin to ensure your parts are of the highest quality and molded with the highest quality of tool. 

Confulsed about the cost of plastic injection molding

The mold is one of the most expensive parts of the injection molding process often starting at $25,000 and quickly escalating to over $100,000 —we engineer them with the proper design and materials so they have the longest possible life with minimal maintenance. Some of the main factors to consider are:

  • the size of the production run
  • the complexity of the part
  • the finish quality needed
  • the material to be molded (some plastics are corrosive; others contain abrasive glass fibers)

The main goal of mold design and tooling is to create a product with highest possible manufacturability. That means a high-quality process that is simple and efficient, long-lasting, easy to operate and maintain, and that meets all customer specifications—all at the lowest possible cost.

Our Custom Injection Mold Design and Building offers these benefits:

  • Multi-cavity mold design and mold making
  • Two-shot Injection Mold design and mold making
  • Deliver high reliability with an emphasis on efficient cycle times, increasing your productivity
  • Maintain part-to-part consistency
  • Save you time and money by reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Maximize tool life assuring your investment will pay dividends for many years

Our capabilities include design, manufacturing & engineering assistance, CAD/CAM and direct machining, wire EDM, EDNC, molding and assembly services. Secondary operations include pad printing, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding and inserting and labeling. ISO 9001 Certified.  2D & 3D CAD mold designs for manufacturability and state-of-the-art engineering practices. We also provide rapid tooling, reporting (TPR), technical support, spare parts and gauge manufacturing.